Our Restorations

Mideast Classics imports classic automobiles from around the globe to the UAE. All work is performed in the UAE prior to delivery to the customer. We perform 1500 to 2000-hour restorations on all our cars.

Body work performed includes:

  • Body removed from chassis and completely disassembled
  • Old paint stripped off
  • Dents removed, holes patched with metal, and panels rebuilt as needed
  • All hardware is removed, cleaned, and yellow-zinc plated
  • New Window/Door Rubbers
  • Epoxy Primer
  • Polyurethane Underbody Protection
  • Standox Single-stage Color Paint
  • OEM parts used as available

Mechanical work performed includes:

  • New Wheel Bearings
  • New Seals/Gaskets
  • New Brake Pads/Shoes
  • Engine tested and rebuilt as needed
  • OEM parts used as available

Gulf spec trucks typically include the following:

  • No seatbelts. We install seatbelts in the front seats; rears can be custom ordered.
  • Drum brakes front and back. We convert the fronts to disc.
  • Kilometer speedometer/odometer gauges. We install a brand new OEM gauge cluster with kilometers. A rebuilt MPH cluster can be substituted.
  • 16″ Split Rims. 15″ rims with hubcaps can be custom ordered.
  • No roll cage. A custom roll cage can be custom ordered.
  • Long rear jump-seats.
  • No carb/emissions control equipment; only fuel vapor canister.
  • Older style cylindrical air cleaner housing.
  • Alternator is located on lower driver side of the motor; power steering pump (if present) is located on upper passenger side of the motor.